You can find the latest version of Firmware for the SURETHERM series here. The Firmware Packs are applicable for all SURETHERM induction heaters. Download the Firmware Pack with your preferred language. A guide for the updating procedure is located at Updating Firmware SURETHERM.

Firmware Pack – v2.08 build 7 – 10/11/2020 Download

Languages included
English Spanish German French Italian
Slovenian Swedish Russian Korean

Update for Powerboard – 02/04/2019

Download ST 10X / 20X / 30X (PWR v1.16 build 1)
Download ST PRO 1X (PWR v1.14 build 2)
Download ST PRO 3X / 6X (PWR v1.14 build 2)

Updating the Powerboard is only necessary when instructed by your local distributor or TM Induction Heating. Make sure to download the Powerboard update that is suited for your induction heater. To unlock the option for updating the Powerboard in the User Menu, make sure to install Firmware Pack v2.05 (or newer) first.

Updated on November 10, 2020

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